Project Description

Wendy Neilson Educational Scholarship

Purpose of the fund:

  • To provide funding that will assist individuals with Arthrogryposis Multiplex Congenita (AMC) to obtain educational qualifications or enhance their life skills.


To be eligible, candidates must:

  • Have AMC as defined on the TAGNZ website
  • Be a member of TAGNZ
  • Be secondary school age or above
  • Be enrolling in an accredited educational programme OR accredited life-skills enhancing programme such as Outward Bound or on the sailing ship Spirit of Adventure
  • Have been a resident in New Zealand for at least 3 years


  • The annual value of funding awarded will be up to 10% of the fund except if the fund is below $25,000 then up to $2500 can be awarded.
  • Funding can be awarded to more than one individual in any given year and to an individual for more than 1 year.
    • In the latter case, the Board could specify criteria for the individual to meet to receive the funding in the 2nd and any subsequent years.
  • The Board will decide the method of payment for each programme.

Application process:

  • Complete and submit the application form by 31 August.
  • The panel may request evidence of their disability by way of a certificate or letter.
  • The panel may decide to interview the applicant.
  • Funding will be decided by 30 November for awards for the following calendar year.

Selection Panel:

  • Wendy Neilson or her nominee and up to 2 members of the TAGNZ Board.
  • The TAGNZ Board will ratify the decision and no correspondence will be entered into following the decision.

Condition of acceptance

  • By accepting the award, recipients permit publication and announcement of their acceptance.
  • Continuation of the scholarship is conditional on satisfactory performance during participation in the educational programme or life skills enhancing programme.
  • On completion of the programme recipients are to present a report in a format that is best for them, reflecting on the programme and the benefits they have gained.